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08/13/2020 - 3:17 PM

i failed miserably trying to get sigurd on my NA account but managed to get np2 valyrie and another copy of bryn so i gave up and decided i'd save up for new years when he was on rate up again. when it was time for the GSSR, i picked the saber banner with the wish that he'd show up and he actually came home ; - ;. thank you, sigurd.

surprisingly, i also got Skadi with one ticket and got her again on my jp account for the GSSR (where i was also trying to get another sopy of sigurd...but it's okay! because...)

dw finally gave me summer brynhildr and gave izou and sigurd costumes ; - ; ♡!! im so excited to roll for summer bryn and get more copies of sigurd. ive been saving for months.

bryn also got a buff to her second skill so now she has 30% battery ♡.

06/17/2020 - 6:32 PM

a lot of good rolls since my last update. first i managed to np5 bryn who was my first ssr on jp and the whole reason i started playing fgo in the first place ; - ; ♡

then gudaguda3 arrived in the na server and i went ham. i've been saving for izou for months and np5'd, grailed, and maxed out all his skills as soon as i got him. now i have two izous!! it took a while to get all 5 copies of him and i got np5 lancer li before him funnily enough (i really like li too so it was okay). hopefully my remaining quartz will be enough to get sigurd when lb2 drops.

next i finally got rider carmilla on jp!! i wanted her so bad last year but she never came home so im glad she's finally here.

04/27/2020 - 2:36 PM

fgo jp is giving out one free star for the first time ever for their 20M downloads campaign ; - ; i was stuck on who to choose between tamamo, europa, and waver...especially since i've wanted tamamo (for izou support) and europa (i just think She's Really Cute) forever...but! i think i will pick waver in the end since playing through Olympus had me thinking "if only i had my own waver..." more than once. soon that 50% np charge will be Mine.

03/06/2020 - 3:57 PM

thanks to taylor blessing me with her rng luck, i managed to get odysseus ; - ; ♡ i also got another copy of circe and a surprise cu alter along the way.

i was going to wait until odysseus shared his rate up with waver because for some reason i thought shared rateups started immediately but the first two days have just odysseus and circe on rateup so i just. rolled as soon as 1am hit.

03/05/2020 - 2:15 PM

im so excited for odysseus in fgo. the trojan horse is Actual Mecha that he pilots!! i have so much sq saved...i'm gonna try to roll for him when he shares his rateup with waver since waver is a support i would like to have too. i have circe at np2 already so getting more copies of her along the way would be nice!!

I also managed to get specter from recruitment in arknights!! for weeks ive been trying...and she's finally graced me with her presence. thank you, specter.

02/06/2020 - 3:50 PM

i caved and downloaded arknights and it's pretty fun. the game gives out so much free stuff?? idk if its because the game came out globally last month but...i appreciate it. also the sprites are cute. i rerolled for silverash and picked pyraminx from the 5* voucher. now i just need to log in a couple more days to get cliff heart and i'll have all three siblings.

02/02/2020 - 9:00 PM

well i finally got around to making this. i will be keeping most of my gacha talk here instead of clogging up my diary.

i only really play two (well technically three) mobile games consistently. They are:

i guess the first thing i should write about here is...that feh pass that was introduced in feh channel yesterday. i don't know why every time intsys takes one step forward, they take two steps back. its kind of ridiculous at this point. oh well. most people i've seen are unhappy with the fact that qol features are being locked behind a paywall. perhaps something will be done to remedy it (most likely not).

i've been more active on fgo for months now compared to feh. the devs keep introducing a bunch of game modes i don't get and then pulling things like they did last night. lol. also in three years, powercreep has spiraled out of control. not to say that there isn't powercreep in fgo (there is) but! the difference is the powercreep isn't as bad and old launch characters still have value in clearing current story content. there's also something to do 80% of the time on fgo. feh's weird extra battle modes/raids/events are just not as engaging.

rates in fgo still suck though. but that's my only complaint on fgo's core mechanics. (character writing is a whole other can of worms)

i'm still going to be playing feh out of love for the fire emblem series as a whole but the future for it doesn't look good.

fire emblem: heroes

leader: keaton (lupine collector)

completed 5✯ +10 units

5✯ +10 units in progress

wanted 5✯ units

currently saving for...
fate/grand order (jp server)

all slot: brynhildr
lv.100 ✯✯✯✯✯

lv.100 & 10/10/10 servants

lv.100 & 10/10/10 plans

wanted servants...

currently saving for...
fate/grand order (na server)

all slot: izou okada
lv.100 ✯✯✯

lvl 100 & 10/10/10 servants

lvl 100 & 10/10/10 plans

wanted future servants...

currently saving for...
r.i.i.c assistant leader


r.i.i.c assistant sub-leaders

wanted operators

specter is now home!!

currently saving for...