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gayboi @ neocities


Pixabay — a site providing royalty free images!

sound / music

Freesound — a site that with a lot free sounds and loops from its users. just make sure you check the different types of licenses for their terms of use!

rpg maker resources

GAME DESIGN HIGHLIGHTS — a masterlist of useful articles for rpg writing/development/design


Pheonixmaster1's FEH Resource Hub — a resource hub for fire emblem heroes by pheonixmaster1. very helpful when thinking about what units to fodder/send home/prioritize.

FGO Manager v1.0 by u/zuth2 — a tool to helps you keep track of your servants' progress for fate/grand order. has literally everything to track progress. a godsend.

Arknights Toolbox @ aceship — a lot of convenient tools and information for playing arknights!

Brackets — an open source text editor that's so convinient to use and easy to get the hang of. this is what i personally use to create this site.

HTML/CSS Tutorials by Dannarchy — useful tutorials such as making your site mobile-friendly and creating a hitcounter for your neocities page.

W3Schools — contains tutorials on HTML, CSS, and much more.

Behind the Name - a database of different names from different cultures with different tools all on one site. they also have a surname site.

Springhole — tons and tons of resources and generators for writing.

Hitfilm Express - a free video editor that you just need an account to use.

TV Tropes — tons of information and trivia on different tropes used in all forms media.

PHOTOMOSH — an online image glitch editor.