god shall bless us; and all ends of the
earth shall fear him
03/21/2020 - 03:49 PM

i've been playing animal crossing since thursday night. no updates for a good while maybe h

02/02/2020 - 03:40 PM

well...seliph got fifth place in CYL4 and was beat out by chrom by...two votes. next year i'll have to make sure to vote on more devices in my house.

i've recently finish recording a jp utau voicebank with 3 pitches and a soft bank for taylor to use. she asked me if i can also record an english bank too so i'm working on that when i have extra time. slowly but surely.

i forgot to mention that last month I reached bond 10 with Izou ; a ; I love him so much...the text on his Bond CE is so...sad.

01/02/2020 - 06:06 PM

izou's nendo arrive today!! i'm so happy to add him to my collection ; - ; i preordered him months ago on my birthday and now he's finally here. he got so much merch this year and it makes me happy.

all his face plates are so cute but i like the blushing one the most. he has his swords and extra props and everything...just god. i love him so much!

12/01/19 - 12:23 PM

it is officially december and i made a christmas theme since i didn't get to make one for halloween....so i made sure i had one ready this time.

11/11/19 - 03:09 PM

i rolled king hassan!! last time he was on rate up i failed miserably. he's so cool and he's my second favorite assassin behind izou!!

09/14/19 - 03:37 PM

so i finally coded the Diary Page.

besides html/css musing, i've been trying to write more things for the rpg project i have planned with my friend. secret stuff.

there are very specific themes i choose for this page's code especially but it's a secret! maybe one day when all my projects are done, someone will come back and connect the dots here.