02/02/2020 - 15:40
well...seliph got fifth place in CYL4 and was beat out by chrom by...two votes. Next year I'll have to make sure to vote on more devices in my house.

When I was a teenager I used to mess with a voice synthesis program called UTAU. To keep it simple, it's similar to Vocaloid somewhat but you can use your own voice to make voicebanks and download banks that other people have made to use in the program. I eventually put every voicebank/work behind me and wiped most of it off the face of the internet due to personal issues and dissatisfaction with them. And that was it. Until recently when my best friend, who still kinda plays around with the program, wanted to use an old voicebank I recorded years ago and I offered to just record a brand new one in the year 2020. So I've recently finished recorded the jp one with 3 pitches and a soft bank. I think it will sound fine, I wanted to make it extra special for her since I don't plan on putting it up for public download. She asked me if I can also record an english bank too and I thought why not. So I'm working on that currently too. Slowly but surely.

I forgot to mention that last month I reached bond 10 with Izou ; a ; I love him so much...the text on his Bond CE is so...

01/30/2020 - 13:18
i have not forgotten. CYL4 is over but if you voted for seliph baldos chalphy then all is well.
01/02/2020 - 18:06
izou's nendo arrive today!! i'm so happy to add him to my collection ; - ; i preordered him months ago and now he's finally here. 2019 was really the year of Izou Okada !! he got so much merch this year and he deserves it honestly!

all his face plates are so cute but i like the blushing one the most. he has his swords and extra props and everything...just god. i love him so much!

12/27/19 - 14:38
i've been playing rdr2 and also grinding so much in fgo (both servers) and feh! 2020 is near which means...sigurd. izou. in fgo's NA server. soon! i plan to np5 izou (again since i already did on the JP server. i love him so much. i'm doing it all over again). i hope i can get a sigurd during the release of lostbelt 2 and maybe a second copy of bryn. i have them both on JP already and i adore them so much...

i got really cute presents for christmas too!

still writing. as always but it's GREAT. there's loads and loads of stuff i need to write so!

12/06/19 - 16:11
it took 14 hours for rdr2 to install yesterday, but i'll finally be able to play sometime later today!

i also cleared out the shop for the christmas 2019 event in fgo! i'm currently at 26 boxes...i'm aiming for at least 50. i need all the EXP and QP i can get.

12/01/19 - 12:23
it is officially december and i made a christmas theme since i didn't get to make one for halloween....so i made sure i had one ready this time.

rdr2 comes to steam on december 5th and i have my external hard drive ready. also i have my written driving test on tuesday and it is my One Fear at the moment.

i also plan to get some character refs done so hopefully my hands can handle it :3c

i gave diarium and chalice some variety from the other pages. there are very specific themes i choose for this page's code especially but it's a secret! maybe one day when all my projects are done, someone will come back and connect the dots here.

11/11/19 - 15:09
rdr2 probably wont be on steam until december...in the meanwhile i finally bought the expansion pass of FE3H.

i also rolled king hassan!! last time he was on rate up i failed miserably. i don't remember when i started saving up for him again but at some point i did and he came home! i'm relieved since he hasn't had a third rate up on JP. he's so cool and he's my second favorite assassin behind izou!! plus i needed a gold assassin on my NA account. before him, i only had stheno and summer scathach. i really need to start coding my gachalog page so i can ramble about my fgo anf feh rolls but for now they will be here.

my room might get painted soon...and i'm excited. it will be pink!

11/01/19 - 16:00
red dead redemption II comes out for PC soon...

i'm really excited to play it since i've watched taylor play it on her ps4 but i'm gonna wait a bit until it releases on steam and i also need to get an external hard drive for it since it's so big. i'm pretty sure my laptop can run it fine since it's a gaming laptop. i just need SPACE for it to install and i have most of my art/game dev programs installed already and those take priority.

i also bought umineko since it was on sale! i can't wait to read through it.

during the halloween rerun on fgo i managed to get sitonai in a ticket! i was so happy! i don't really like...fsn but ilya is still one of my favs and i needed a ST alter-ego (i have okita alter but she's AOE).

i also got space ishtar when i was just spending tickets for saber wars II CEs and i was really surprised. Her NP is really cool so i'm really excited to use her!

09/28/19 - 18:09
i recently put in my two weeks notice at my job that i've been working at for three years. it was honestly...long overdue and i can't wait to get out of there. besides that, i've just been writing oc/rpg character info and grinding boxes for ishtarfest/gilfest (fgo) to get as much exp cards as i can. i'm practically done buying out the shop too.

it's been a while since i updated but i'll definitely update whenever inspiration strikes and i'm not busy writing for other things.

09/14/19 - 03:37
so i finally coded the Diary Page (tm). i think i might expand this code and use it for my gacha log as well...we'll see. i'll probably won't be done with that for a while. i mostly made this so small because it looks well...cute. i had a different plan at first but i ended up liking this a lot better.

besides html/css musing, i've been trying to write more things for the rpg project i have planned with my friend. secret stuff.

i also got a new phone recently and picked up neko atsume again! i have to collect all my cats again because i couldn't carry over the data from my old old phone from 2015. it's fine though, i don't mind having to start over.

this most likely isn't going to be updated daily but at least i have somewhere to write about things im looking forward to.